distant kazoo noises
I'm sorry you can't take the cat in! Maybe find someone who can before your sister has it put down??

I’m trying, I assure you… No one seems to be interested, though

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y’know, murdering things that inconvenience us. that’s the american way

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when you decide to get a pet, you have to understand that they are yours for as long as they’re going to live. not until you get other “better” pet, not until you get tired of them, but as long as that pet lives. you can’t fucking kill a sentient creature because you’re sick of them. 

i can’t even save her, my mom won’t let us keep other cat…

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dont even try to tell me that looks don’t matter in a relationship. of course they fucking do. don’t try to shame me into a relationship with someone who i can’t stand the sight of

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Drip drip… pastel..

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maybe instead of teaching “everyone is beautiful” we should start teaching that beauty doesn’t have to be mandatory in order for a person to be valid

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